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Envelope Sizes Explained.....

As a rule of thumb, if you replace the A from your standard paper sizes (A4, A5 etc) with a C for your envelopes (C4, C5 etc) then you are in the right place


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Envelopes Explained
We stock all sizes of envelopes here at IrishEnvelopes from the smallest one (98 x 67mm) to our largest C2 (625 x 444mm). However there are 4 main envelope sizes that you will be most familiar with and make up to over 90% of all envelopes sold.

Briefly, illustrated below, the 4 most common sizes are as follows;

C4 Envelopes
C4 This is a C4 size envelope. It is one of the most common and can hold a full sheet of A4 without having to fold it. The dimensions are 324mm x 229mm (12¾" x 9")

C5 Envelopes
C5 This is a C5 size envelope. It can hold an A4 sheet of paper folded in half once, or an A5 sheet unfolded. The dimensions are 229mm x 162mm (9"x 6?")

C6 Envelopes
C6 This is a C6 size envelope. It can hold an A4 sheet of paper folded twice, an A5 sheet folded once, or A6 size paper unfolded. The dimensions are 114mm x 162mm (4½" x 6?")

DL Envelopes
DL This is a DL size envelope. It is most commonly used with businesses. It can hold an A4 sheet of paper, folded twice, or an A5 sheet folded once. The dimensions are 110mm x 220mm (4?" x 8?")

Wallet Envelopes
Wallet Above: A wallet envelope has the flap on the long edge.
Pocket Envelopes
Pocket Above: A pocket envelope has the flap on the short edge.
Gummed Envelopes
Gummed Above: A gummed envelope flap needs to be wetted to stick. This is usually the cheapest type of envelope.
Self Seal Envelopes
Self Seal Above: A self seal envelope flap sticks when it is pressed down without the need for wetting.
Self Seal Envelopes
Peel and Seal Above: A peel and seal envelope flap has a paper strip that needs peeling off to reveal a sticky flap underneath. This is characteristically the most expensive type of envelope.

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